Martin Garrix and A$AP Rocky, and Future! Oh my!

As our hearts slowly recovered from the trauma suffered after hearing that Beyoncé would no longer be performing at Coachella, we were able to finally bring ourselves to attend the most popular music festival of the year.

Oh, Coachella.

There aren’t many words that can be used to describe the pure bliss fans experience while listening to the earth-shattering songs surrounding them while they watch their favorite artists live in one place for three straight days.  We here at Sony are so proud to say that we had many artists attend Coachella, not only as main acts, but also as surprise guests, and fans themselves!  We would like to take this time to congratulate our artists on amazing performances and recap their sets for those who were unable to make it.

Future.  Future, Future, Future.  After dropping HNDRXX in February, Future has made big strides in the music world.  Multiple collaborations and new singles have been released since the new album in only a few short months.  Not only did Future perform songs from his new album, but he also pleased his fans by playing songs from DS2 and Future.  Additionally, the rapper brought out Drake and Migos to perform “Bad and Boujee” and “Fake Love”, a move that really got the crowd going.  But Future didn’t stop there.  He made a very special guest appearance during Kendrick Lamar’s headlining set Sunday night to perform “Mask Off”.  To you, Future.  You killed it.


Now onto Martin Garrix.  We heard that people were fighting tooth and nail to get close enough to the Sahara tent just to catch a glimpse of the young DJ.  Garrix had a multitude of guests himself, including Dua Lipa who surprised the large and lively crowd to perform his single “Scared to be Lonely”.  Garrix held the crowd in a trance with his unexpected drops and killer visuals.  His set was definitely not one to miss and he absolutely left everything he had out on that stage.  To you, Martin.  You’re an inspiration.


Last but not least, we would like to acknowledge A$AP Rocky, a man who made not one, but two guest appearances this weekend that left fans shocked.  Rocky pulled double-duty when he appeared during DJ Mura Masa’s set, and then later popped up at ScHoolboy Q’s performance that same day.  Rocky is a crowd favorite, and will always perform to impress.  To you, A$AP.  We will never tire of your performances.


We also want to congratulate every performer and special guest at Coachella.  Every artist put all they have into their performances and we have nothing but respect and love for them.  Not only do they get to do what they love, but to be able to do it in a setting that is so connected with their fans and fellow musicians, is what being an artist is all about.  To every artist at Coachella this weekend.  You all are incredible role models and definitely something to aspire to.

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